Book Promotion

Leslie has been promoting her upcoming book this past year. So far, she's been interviewed on several blogs, contributed to wellness articles and has made live TV appearances. 

Check out some of the hightligts below!


with Joshua Miller

UnCreative Radio

Leslie was interviewed by her friend and colleague, Joshua Miller on his show Uncreative Radio.


with Suzanne Boyd

People of Palm Beach Podcast

Leslie opens us to TV veteran Suzanne Boyd about her life, her book and maintaining wellness after trauma.


Published Articles

Coexisting with being...Vegan-ish

Published on Mama Wins Magazine in May 2019, Leslie writes about navigating the world and learning about her own health as she leans toward veganism.

4 Ways to Coexist with the words...I'm Sorry

In March 2019, Leslie talked wrote about 'people-pleasing', excessive apologizing and how to cope with it on Mama Wins Magazine. 

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Leslie talks about staying healthy during the holidays on in an article written by Namita Nayyar.